Drugs, hookers, excrement, and fighting evil

With Battlestar Galactica now on hiatus for eleventy billion months, there's even less to watch, but Showtime comes to the rescue this week with a new show and two returning favorites. At 10 on Monday, season three of Weeds kicks off, followed by the premiere of Secret Diary of a Call Girl (pictured above) at 10:30. This is another show I didn't bother to learn much about -- they had me at "call girl." Also on Showtime, Penn & Teller: Bullshit returns for another season on Thursday at 10.

Aside from Showtime, I'll be watching ABC Family for maybe the first time ever. Monday at 8, they'll have The Middleman, an adaptation of former Lost writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach's pretty cool comic book. I'm not sure they'll have the budget for decent talking apes or armies of luchaderos, but it'll probably still be fun.


I'm barely used to the rainbows

Lucky Charms will now feature hourglass marshmallows. This is outrageous! They shouldn't mess with a marshmallow formula that works. Of course, the article says that they've had balloons for 10 years and I had no idea, so I obviously don't care that much.

Oh, to be a whistle

Continuing my recent obsession with sports-related eye candy, here's an entire blog dedicated to lovely soccer fans at the Euro2008 tournament that's going on. Go whatever country she's from!


Ceremonial Opening Hotness

Emmanuelle Chriqui threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium this weekend. Whenever I'm at a game, it's an old guy from some company that donated something to someone. Charity's great, but who cares? Think of the fans! So I say more like Ms. Chriqui, MLB. The Japanese already how it should be done:

The title might be a reference to a Catholic church thing

...and a planet or Roman deity.

Red Mass for Mars is a new (limited?) series from Image comics that kicks off today. As it's written by Jonathan Hickman (The Nightly News, Pax Romana, Transhuman), I haven't bothered looking at what it's about, since I love his stuff and hate spoilers. Artist Ryan Bodenheim might also be awesome, but I think this'll be my first time reading anything he's drawn.

(read about the Catholic thing in the title here)

I'd be a wizard!

...until the battery on my keychain LED died.

Kottke has a fun discussion about what to do if you were magically transported back to the middle ages.


Comedians Hope for Another Quayle

Electoral-vote.com discusses the recent history of picking running mates.

The Ladies Love Reducto

Phil Noto used to do sweet covers for Birds of Prey, and I just stumbled onto his website, with some of his covers, some random art, a cool Tyler Durden, and the above Harvey Birdman poster.



Via Bugs and Cranks, a fat guy "accidentally" falls on a hot ball girl.



Technically, this is something that doesn't kick ass at all, because I do so love eating cow flesh. But it's interesting. World Changing points to a study that says an environmentally conscious eater should avoid beef above all else.